Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to blue door BLOGS

Have you ever stumbled across a fantastic little house blog that fascinates you?  The one with the amazing before and after post that you just can't believe? The one with the personality that jumps off the screen?  The one with the everyday bloggers who are anything but ordinary?

We hope to make those fantastic little blogs a little easier to find.  

No daily voting. No link party themes. No winning. No losing. No kidding. Just a big fat reading list of house blog posts from hard working folks with similar interests and very different points of view.

We're starting out small with a list of the blogs we enjoy from people we like.

Are you a house blogger? Think your blog would be a good fit for our list?  Please feel free to contact us!

Are you a house blog reader? Browse the reading list of recent posts to find new-to-you blogs with real life home projects to inspire you.