Who What Why


We are on a mission
to build the ultimate house blogging blogroll.

So it's a blog about house blogs?

YES, it's a blog about house blogs.

We're just a couple of small-time house-loving house bloggers who found the number of links on our blogroll growing at an outrageous rate.

It was messy and cramped and crowded (and there IS only one bathroom) but we didn't want to leave anyone out.

Adding new blogs to our Google reader was fun for awhile, but it wasn't helping to share the link love with the other folks who are house blog fans too.

What to do? What to do?

Why, start a blog about house blogs, OF COURSE!

Wouldn't you?

What's the best way to find new-to-you house blogs to read? We say checking out the blogs liked and listed by fellow bloggers with similar interests is the very best way.

So we're taking our own excellent advice.

We're tweaking and expanding the blogroll concept by devoting an entire blog to the love of house blogging and finding new-to-us house blogs to share with you.

So do you love to blog about your home projects? Do you daydream about paint colors, tile and trim? Are you the adorable couple who have a regular Home Depot date night?

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